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Our collection of previous film work 

short narrative film

Jakarsa: The Dream is on Jakarta

Producer: Widya Arafah, Tsabita Ramadhanti
Director: Widya Arafah
Writer: Widya Arafah

Synopsis: Tristan is an aspiring director. However, his dreams of creating his first ambitious short film is in jeopardy when his perfect location is going to be demolished in 2 weeks and he doesn't have any cash on hand to shoot the film on the remaining time.

short narrative film

The Raging and Rampant Butterfinger

Producer: Widya Arafah
Director: Pandya Devaputra
Writer: Pandya Devaputra

Synopsis: Nao, a Director who is also a former member of a girl band, wants to take revenge on Dadi after feeling disappointed by a comment made by Dadi.