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Sinema Sora

We are a team of passionate filmmakers, storytellers and creators who specialize in ideation, development, and production of creative products. Our goal is to tell amazing stories that will be enjoyed by many. 


'The Dream Is On Jakarta' in Final Touches

​Jakarsa / The Dream is on Jakarta​

Tristan is an aspiring director. However, his dreams of creating his first ambitious short film is in jeopardy when his perfect location is going to be demolished in 2 weeks and he doesn't have any cash on hand to shoot the film on the remaining time.


First Look of 'Final Script [Revision]'

Our upcoming film, 'Final Script [Revision]', is currently in the post-production stage. We're thrilled to share that we've joined forces with FIKTIF in a collaborative effort to bring this short film to life. Soon, we'll be ready to unveil our creation, promising an exciting and captivating viewing experience for all. Stay tuned for the release!


Celebrating the Selection of 'Wulla Poddu dan Padi'

Delighted to announce that our short film, 'Wulla Poddu dan Padi,' has been selected at the prestigious World Food Forum Film Festival 2023 and the 14th Denpasar Documentary Film Festival 2023.


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