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our in development short film project


Nisa's dream of becoming a prestigious competing team member of the Saman Dance is under jeopardy as she has been considered a liar during the unexpected menstruation raid at her school.


Estimated Duration

15 Minutes


Drama, Coming of Age






In Development

Nisa, an Indonesian high school freshman, dreams of joining the Saman Dance competing team but faces a dilemma during a Menstruation Raid. Despite being unable to pray due to menstruation, Nisa is unjustly accused of lying by her religious teacher, Bu Mar, because there's no blood on her menstrual pad. This tarnishes her reputation with the Saman coach. Frustrated, Nisa opts to prove herself, resorting to self physical examination of her own vaginal walls to find a blood clot that is still yet to fall. Resulting in the discovery of a blood clot.

Director's Statement;

I was taught to protect my body by rejecting others from touching or seeing it. However, what if a teacher, who is also a parent representative at school, needs to examine my body to validate my truth? Is that okay? It's a question I've felt but never expressed because I didn't know how to articulate it. In my orientation period in junior high school, a teacher explained about sex education. One of the statements I remembered until today was that a woman has a hymen. If the woman tears her hymen before marriage, her future husband will divorce her after he realizes the hymen didn't tear and is dripping blood the first night they sleep together. This statement was explained with the pretext of educating the female students to avoid free sex, which is both prohibited by sharia law and also contrary to the cultural values in Indonesia. But for me, other than instilling avoidance towards free sex, those statements also nurture a value of sexist, patriarchy, and logical fallacies about hymen. I was once led to believe that women are to blame in various cases of sexual violence. Other anomalies also happen in a theft at school incident. A student discovered that his school fee money was missing. In an effort to find the thief, the teacher gathered all the students and conducted a raid. All parts of my body were physically examined by the teacher to prove that I'm not a thief. I was uncomfortable, but I can't deny it. After the raid was done, the teachers still didn't find the thief. Other's incidents happened to my female friends from schools with high Islamic values, either Islamic high school or even public high school. If there are 'numbers' of female students who are not praying with an excuse of menstruation—Moslem women whose menstruation is prohibited to pray—the students will be raided to prove their menstruation. The methods of raid vary, from touching the feminine area, showing menstrual blood in the menstrual pad, or asking female students to insert tissue into their vaginal area. For me, these various incidents are a fallacy in the process of education. Teachers use an instant way to nurture the values of morals, ethics, and religion, but they missed that the method they chose violated the value of morals, ethics, and religion. Students' rights to their bodies often fall victim to Sadly, I just understand that this anomaly is far after my graduation from school. And what the reality is is that me and almost all my friends didn't understand the anomaly of the 'rules', didn't have enough knowledge to argue, and were even reluctant to defend because it is considered a violation of ethics against the teachers who represent parents at school. All we can do is either take two actions: follow the rules or lie to save ourselves from rules that one feels are not in accordance with self-conscience. These concerns eventually turned to regret after I learned about the oddities that occurred and that I had a right to protect my own body and principles that I believe. Therefore, voicing issues regarding the education of values through moral, etiquette, and religious beliefs in school institutions became a point of interest that I wish to communicate. The glaring hole in the education of said values about how there are no set boundaries and how malpractices are often found during the application of the instilled values. These concerns are voiced so that educational institutions produce individuals that understand and constantly reflect and evaluate the values that are instilled in them, instead of individuals that abuse their surroundings solely based on said moral, ethic, and religious values. The nurturing of value within the school scope is what I want to convey in my short film by capturing the menstruation raid case. A menstruation raid that raises a sense of confusion over the 'manipulation' of values that considers normalizing the raid, a sense of worry over the menstrual blood that actually the cycle can't be controlled, and ended up being a fear that being awaken out of fear due to intimidation to implement the rules. I want to visualize an incident of nurturing the value of moral, ethical, and Islamic religion, which only happened in one direction: affecting other parties involved. The phenomenon will be captured by high tension, an uncomfortable situation, and also terrifying. An organized and heavily segmented visualization on the surface with hints of small details of diversity to signify an underlying dissonance that stems from the oppressed aspiration of human beings that are the students. Eventually, those signifiers will amount to anger because of one’s right of bodily privacy and dream being sacrificed through various instances of abuse and malpractices that occurred.

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Writer and Director

Widya is an aspiring Film Director from Indonesia. Her passion for becoming a Film Director began in junior high, and she has pursued this dream relentlessly. Over the past eight years, she has created numerous films, leading to her roles as the Chairman of the filmmaking communities 3CINEMA and FIKTIF in her school and university. Through these experiences, she has honed her craft and garnered recognition, including screenings at prestigious film festivals and exhibitions like the 17th Jogja-NETPAC Asian Film Festival 2022, ReelOzInd! Australia Indonesia Short Film Festival 2023, World Food Forum Film Festival 2023, and International Children's Film Fest 2023. Yet, Widya sees these achievements as the beginning of her journey towards becoming the Film Director she aspires to be.

   —  Jakarsa (2024) as Writer, Director and Producer | 27 Mins, Narrative
   —  Wulla Poddu dan Padi (2023) as Writer and Director | 9 Mins, Documentary​
   —  Lalu (2022) as Writer and Director | 20 Mins, Narrative


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Re has had a strong passion for films since before entering elementary school. Thanks to his father, who regularly organized movie sessions at home, he would censor and create subtitles for the films to be shown to Re and his siblings as a form of education and information filtering tailored for his children. Since then, Re harbored a desire to produce his own films. In 2015, Re made his debut as a producer by getting involved in the Film Student Community, Satu Layar, at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. He has been actively participating and organizing film-related activities and events, including being a member of the Bandung Film Commission, serving as a festival curator at the Bogor Film Festival, and working as a programmer at the Santos Bandung International Film Festival. Re also took part in a special intake participant workshop at My Lab. Some of his works have been featured in various festivals, including the Festival Film Indonesia, Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival, Piala Maya, Jakarta Film Week, Bali International Short Film Festival, Indonesia Raja, Ganesha Film Festival, Sewon Screening, Bandung Independent Film Festival, and many more.


   —  Insya Allah Amanah (2024) as Producer | Short Narrative

   —  Last Voice for Lost Light (2024) as Co-Producer | Short Narrative

   —  Akhir Dari Sebuah Permulaan (2023) as Associate Producer | Short Narrative

   —  Maybe Someday, Another Day, But Not Today (2021) as Producer | Short Narrative

   —  The Puppets Exploded (2020) as Producer | Short Documentary



NOVEMBER 2023 — MARCH 2024






 — NOVEMBER 2024








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